Robotic Automation P/L Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in Delivering Automation Solutions with Over 3500 Installations
in Australia and NZ!


Above: All of Australia’s Robotic Automation staff gathered in Melbourne recently, as Colin Wells Managing Director, presented ‘The Australian RA Story’, acknowledging employees that have contributed to RA’s innovations and greatest accomplishments 

Robotic Automation P/L (RA) celebrated its 30th Year Anniversary recently in Melbourne. Established in mid-1988, RA’s vision has been to provide engineering excellence for automating critical business processes within real-time manufacturing environments and operations. This vision quickly became a reality growing from a niche robotic systems integrator to a full turnkey solutions supplier, providing robotics including; Motoman, AGVs and packing systems to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Below: Winning RA teams celebrated RA’s 30 Year Anniversary together at Le Mans Go Karts Centre.

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"Robotic Automation built and installed what were then the largest and most advanced palletising systems in Australia, which put us firmly on the map for supplying those sorts of projects which produce millions of tonnes of products and many, of which are still active after more than 20 years. Projects included; CHH, Phillip Morris, Arnott’s, KCA, Colgate, Amcor, Ardargh, ABC, Dulux, SunRice, Norske Skog, Asaleo Care, Parmalat and many more!” said Colin Wells. 
Below: Mr Wells with former partner Mathew Cygler and Yaskawa associates

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Robotic Automation has won over 30 Awards in Excellence in multiple categories including; Technology, Safety Systems, Manufacturing, WHS Systems, Materials Handling and Supply Chain. Colin Wells Founder and Managing Director said, “Robotic Automation has to date, far exceeded expectations and as long as we continue to be open to change, adaptability and improvements consistently, it will continue to do so.”

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Today Robotic Automation is still geared for success, continuing to embrace its original business philosophy; broadening its offering and specialising in AGV’s with Robotic Automation's Robotic Systems and independent Robotic Packages as seen in the New Royal Adelaide Hospital project. 


Some of RA's team with a Motoman Yaskawa Robot, at Melbourne's State-of-the-art facilities.

"Some of RA's most recent projects can be seen here...!"