High Speed Robotic Wooden Pallet Manufacturing System

Major Australian timber and custom pallet supplier selected RA to design, manufacture, assemble, test and install a high speed Robotic Wooden Pallet Assembly System (pictured). The client needed a solution capable of multiple pallet sizes and asked RA to design a system able to assemble and stack in sets of 15, at rates of several hundred pallets per day with minimal labour.


RA’s solution featured 3 Motoman MH180 'Palletising' robots with 6 axes and a reach of 2,702 mm! The Robots were programmed with ‘infinite pallet flexibility formats’ equipment included; fixed safety guarding, light curtains, conveying, nailing systems, control programming and integration to upstream machinery. 

Solution Benefits:
• Increased safety & productivity
• Reduced staff turnover & injuries from likelihood of repetitive strain
• Reduced lost production time
• Reduced damage to product
• Increased product quality, hygiene & consistency
• Increased competitive advantage
• Compact design allows maximum performance using minimal floor space


Simultaneous Stretch Wrapping and Palletising System

Paper towel and tissue manufacturer chose RA to provide an end-to-end solution from integration and design to installation. RA provided a complete Stretch Wrapping and Palletising System including, a Pallet Labeller and Conveyor System for the transport of products and pallets.
(pictured below).

Palletising System

The Motoman MH180 robot is fitted with a servo gripper. The MH180 has a width of only 625 mm, thus it saves valuable space on the ground! Pictured here: Chosen for its excellent technical features this Stretch Wrapper was an ideal solution for efficient, fully automated stretch-wrapping of particularly unstable products.


Tissue bundles travel via a product conveyor system and are separated prior to moving to a pick-off station where they are pre-formed ready for the Motoman MH180 robot to pick. The MH180 robot picks up bundles transporting them to palletising stations via 2 lines where a Stretch Wrapper applies film around the bundle simultaneously stabilising the load and on completion, cuts the film.
Receiving the bundle via a chain conveyor system, the labeller then, applies a printed label on the pallet. Completing its cycle the finished pallet via a conveyor system moves into a storage building.

Solution Benefits:
• Increased staff safety
• Reduction in staff injuries & associated costs
• Increased productivity
• Reduced production time lost
• Increased product consistency & presentation
• Increase of more efficient use of stretch film consumables
• Eliminated manual forklift damage to finished product & site infrastructure
• Reduced waste
• Optimised floor-space & layout flexibility


Large Motoman Robotic Welding System

RA was selected by a leading Australian manufacturer to supply a large Robotic Welding System (pictured) for welding a variety of chassis several metres in length. RA’s solution improved consistency and quality during production cycles and reduced human error - saving production time and product defects!
RA’s solution featured two sleek designed MH50II-20 Motoman Robots with 20kg 

payload capacities and with a huge 3,106mm reach each. Also, fast and flexible with 7 degrees of freedom, as mounted on 24m servo tracks.

2 MH50II-20 Motoman long reach welding robots (pictured below) were fully integrated with a heavy duty welding equipment package comprising of a DM500 Tregaskiss air-cooled “Tough Gun” and collision sensor unit. Both robots operated in conjunction with 10 tonne capacity servo driven external axis head and, tail stock positioner mounted onto an independent servo external axis linear 14 metre track.

Solution Benefits:
• Increased staff safety
• Reduction in staff injuries & associated costs
• Increased productivity
• Reduced production time lost
• Increased product consistency & presentation
• Optimised floor-space & layout flexibility

Welding Finalnsl


RA Health Pty Ltd, a 'Sister Company of RA' Deliver Hospital & Tending for 'New' Royal Adelaide Hospital!

‘The largest Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) fleet in Australia is at the $2.4 billion high-tech Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia.’ (Minion 2017). The hospital (pictured) has 25 ‘driverless’ AGV robots delivering food, linen, surgical equipment store’s, waste and pharmacy with several hundred tonnes per day, on over 1600 missions throughout the facility daily.

N Rah Artists Impression2

The AGV’s work in the background, moving within dedicated lifts and over 30 lift lobbies. Benefits include; reduced costs and damage to equipment which may otherwise need to be manually wheeled by hospital staff, increased efficiency and tracking.

“The new Royal Adelaide Hospital is home to the most advanced medical technology in the world …designed with the input of some of the brightest minds in the medical world, we've delivered a hospital that puts every aspect of patient care at the forefront.” Jack Snelling SA’s Health Minister. (Minion 2017).

• A fleet of 25 RA-GVs
• Contour/Range-sensing navigation
• Trolley pick/drop stations with automatic RFID signalling
• Automatic Park'n'Charge area
• Central fleet control station with automatic scheduling of RA-GV
movements plus elevator & auto-door activation controls

Solution Benefits:
• Increased safety
• Greater efficiency & traceability
• Reduced costs
• Less damage to equipment
• More staff time can be reallocated to direct patient care

The fleet delivers food & beverages (hot/cold), laundry, pharmaceuticals, mail, sterilised items and other supplies, as well as several forms of waste between patient wards and kitchens, stores and many other functional areas within the hospital. Watch video here.

  Agv Videof

Presentation1collage Ek 


For information on the latest projects look out for our early February E-News!

Reference: 2017 Minion L, ‘New Royal Adelaide Hospital opens: CIO talks clinical collaboration and ‘cool’ tech’ webpage cited, 29 November 2018 https://www.healthcareit.com.au/article