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AETNA GROUP Wrapping & Packaging Systems

The leading global supplier of stretch film wrapping machinery, bundlers, shrink film wrappers, cartoning and taping machines.

Five production plants for the four brands; ROBOPAC, ROBOPAC SISTEMI, DIMAC and PRASMATIC, an international network of 450+ Agents, and 6 subsidiaries located in France, Great Britain, Germany, United States, Russia and China and 2 service points in India and Brazil.

Established in 1984 and based in Italy Aetna is manufacture certified to ISO9001 with over than 120,000 machines installed and supported worldwide. Partnered exclusively with RA in Australasia.


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DIMAC & PRASMATIC Packaging Systems

Wrap-around case/tray multi-packing & shrink-wrapping systems.

High-speed packaging for a range of industries including bottling, canning, food, pet food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Manufacture certified to ISO9001 and partnered exclusively with RA in Australia & New Zealand.

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National Distributor Alliance

Leaders in stretch-film and packaging consumables.

The team of six independently owned Australian businesses with a 5000+ product portfolio in Packaging consumables, safety & maintenance products, and more.

Formed in 1999, the alliance includes: Mark Colin Packaging, Sedl Agencies, ArmPack, and CORE Industrial & Safety.