“Master Arc” Welding Robot. Fast, Streamlined and Powerful.

The MA1400 increases productivity and achieves highest welding performance. Sigma-5 AC servo motor control technology and new ARM (Advanced Robot Motion) control work to reduce welding cycle time. Streamlined design improves torch access into tight spaces. 

Proven, integrated through-the-arm torch cabling eliminates cable interference, simplifies programming and reduces cable wear. Hollow upper arm maintains optimum bend radius of welding torch cable, maximizing weld performance. T-axis can rotate torch ±200 degrees without cable interference.

The MA1440  has a higher payload (6kg), 40 mm longer reach, and is controlled by the new DX200 controller for still greater performance & efficiency.

Technical data

Max. Payload 3 kg
Degree of freedom 6 axes
Reach 1,434 mm
Repetitive accuracy ±0.08 mm
Weight 150 kg

Suitable for