The 6-axis MOTOMAN-MA1900 is remarkable for its excellent performance in welding applications.

All supply lines are routed through the upper part of the arm and the wrist axes of the robot in order to reduce interference contours and enlarge the possible working range. The media hose package is routed inside the wrist and thus protected thereby ensuring better accessibility to the devices and workpieces.

The optimized supply line system considerably extends the durability of the cables and hoses. In addition to this, the whiplash effect of conventional supply lines could be completely eliminated. Additionally, the possible number of robots in the production cells can be increased significantly. Defined interference contours enable synchronous cooperation of several robots in a minimum.

Technical data

Max. Payload 3 kg
Degree of freedom 6 axes
Reach 1,904 mm
Repetitive accuracy ±0.08 mm
Weight 280 kg

Suitable for