Seven-axes robot = superior performance and maneuverability in arc welding.

The VA1400 has torch cables built into the robot arm to eliminate interference with the workpiece, jig or other nearby robots. Also, the power cable, gas and air hoses can be accommodated to the base. Several robots can be installed in close proximity without interfering with each other, which will allow construction of a highly effective and space-saving welding cell. 

The innovation of the 7th axis has dramatically increased the freedom of the robot’s movement. By keeping the optimal posture for welding at all times, the VA1400 has achieved the highest welding quality. The highest performance of its class, including the world’s fastest motion, high repeatability of +/–0.08 mm and a maximum reach of 1,434 mm, greatly increases productivity.

The VA1400 II is controlled by the most advanced DX200 controller for even greater efficiency.

Technical data

Max. Payload 3 kg
Degree of freedom 7 axes
Reach 1,434 mm
Repetitive accuracy ±0.08 mm
Weight 150 kg

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