Sophisticated technology & flexibility makes Robot S6 the greatest performer. Robot S6 is capable of packaging any type of product and shape, as it does not rely on an edge counting system - so even cylindrical loads can be packaged.

The new Robot S6 also features:

  • New 7” colour touch-screen control panel with easy graphical icon selections to adjust settings.
  • Choice of film-carriages allows mechanical tension or electric pre-stretching of film up to 400% - for best film usage.
  • Many adjustable parameters including carriage & robot speeds, film pre-strech, film deposit-strength on product, "top-sheet" and reinforcement cycles, and much more.
  • Record up to 8 custom wrapping cycles of your own.
  • QLS (Quick-Load System) for film spools.
  • Wrap up to 2,200 mm high.
  • Start cycle siren, and blinker visible during product wrapping.
  • Automatic height-sensing photo-cell with adjustable delay-function.
  • Immediate-stop button and emergency bumpers that ensure high safety levels.
  • Manual drive control for on-site transport, plus rear fork-positions and a hinged mast for shipping.
  • New wide-range, high-frequency battery charger for voltages from 110V to 240V.


  • Automatic film-cutting device - speed your pick-up at the end of the wrapping cycle and get on your way sooner

Take a look at the brochure (see right) and contact us for further information.

Application in Action :

Technical Data

Model: Robot S6
Batteries: 2 x 12V 110Ah (C5) Pb/Acid
Rotation Speed: 35 to 80 m/min
#  pallets per charge 250 approx
Load height sensing standard
Load Details:
Min. dimensions 800 mm
Max. height 2,200 mm
Min. weight 45 kg