When size counts!

Features include:

  • Choice of FRD or PDS film carriage to achieve best film usage through pre-stretch of up to 250%
  • Choice of table diameters
  • Automatic load-height-sensing by photocell with adjustable delay-function
  • Phased stopping point and soft-start
  • Quality construction including cold folded steel mast, baseplate support by 14 x heavy-duty, double-casters and very low friction coefficient during rotation.
  • Front & rear fork-lifting positions for easy  re-positioning


  • Metal ramp for pallet-jack access

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Technical Data

Model : RotoPlat XL
Turntable Diameters (mm) : 1,800 or 2,200 or 2,400
Max. load weight (kg) : 2,000
Max. load height (mm) : 2,200
Turntable Speeds : 5 to 11 rpm (8 rpm max for 2.2-2.4m diameters)
Vertical Carriage Speeds : 1.5 to 5.5 m/min
Power Supply Single phase