With remote control activation and devices for cut/clamp/seal of film-tail as standard, the TechnoPlat models are the leading machines in their class and allow the operator/driver to remain in their forklift and maximise their productivity during the wrapping process.

Features include:

  • Choice of devices for either welded-sealing or spreader-sealing of the film tail for best securement and presentation
  • Choice of film carriages to achieve best film-usage through pre-stretch of up to 400%
  • QLS (Quick Load System) for film spools
  • Up to 12 RPM adjustable rotation speed
  • Up to 4 m/min adjustable carriage speed (vertical)
  • 2,000 kg load capacity
  • 1,650 mm turntable diameter
  • 2,200 mm maximum load height
  • Fully-featured, push-button control panel for adjusting a wealth of parameters and recording of up to 4 custom wrapping cycles
  • Automatic load-height-sensing by photocell with adjustable delay-function
  • Phased stopping point and soft-start
  • Front and rear fork-lifting-positions for easy machine re-positioning


  • Metal ramp for pallet-jack access
  • Top pressure platen for added safety with unstable loads

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Technical Data

Model: TechnoPlat CS TechnoPlat CW
Table Diameter : 1,650mm 1,650mm
Rotation Speeds : 4 to 12 rpm 4 to 12 rpm
Film Carriage FR / PDS / PVS FR / PDS / PVS
Vertical Carriage Speeds (m/min) : 1 to 4 1 to 4
Power Supply : Single Phase Single Phase
Load Details:
Max. height (mm) : 2,200 mm 2,200 mm
Max. Load weight : 2,000 kg 2,000 kg

Application in Action :